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My Bird Room (The Nest)- The Daily Routine.

I started breeding Budgerigars and a few other birds a while ago in a 6x4 shed. It contained 2 double breeders with self-contained nest boxes. I bred a few that year I had some Chinese Painted Quails running around my feet. I then extended this and put a flight on and removed the breeders and went into letting them breed on there own for a while to see what they would do and how they reacted with each other. This did not last long, After a few months some of the birds had paired of and settled others were set on destroying everything in site including the nest boxes with chicks in. These were soon oiked out and separated. once the chicks were at fledging age all the nest boxes were removed.

I decided then to build a new bird-room that suited my needs at the time, it at to house incubators for the quails, a resting coup for Chickens as I kept around 100 200 Chickens aswell,. In the end the Bird-room was 30ft x 45ft Most of the trimmings to match, running water just not hot running water. The cages I had decided to make from Conti--board. and use Cage front purchased from Kent Cages in Maidstone.. In this Bird-room I had 15 Budgie Breeding Cages, and in the year i could breed around 100 to 380 Budgerigars.

I have since moved and had to rebuild, having done so I have been able to alter parts that I could have made better the first time around, If you have the space I recommend that you have a counter-top Fridge, They are a god send,. The veg and soft feed stay as fresh as anything. it is great to have everything in one place rather than having to keep going indoors for something.. I grow Veg and have a freezer in my new Bird room, so come winter i can still feed the birds the freshest products i can.. I only have a small Garden now but use raised planters for the veg to grown Beetroot and Fennel is the main ones, Carrots too..

The Pictures above are of the new Bird-room it consists of a block of 20 wooden breeders and around 45 wire & wooden mixed breeding cages.


During my Breeding, I can run anything up to 50 Cages for the Budgerigars to Breed. I have other Cages in the Bird-room with Some Quails & Show Finches which just alter the noise from time to time


Some might say its about quality not quantity, but with Crests you can not put a visual down and tell what will come from the egg. there are no genetics or sex link factors with Crest. Just the luck of the draw.

In some ways I do prefer the slightly smaller Budgerigar, they tend to site less tightly on the eggs, maybe its because they are not so heavy. The clutch sizes are 7-9 Eggs rather than 2-3, and they rear them all without any problems. But I can only talk from my experiences.


The Rare's and the "Challenge"

This has probably been one of the hardest years for me with the birds for showing, I Stepped up to Novice A year ago after a 3 or 4 year stint at Beginner which was long enough in my view.

The waste that come from breeding Crests is well, out of 300 bred I have 40 or visuals. the percentages are not that great. but that is from breeding to normals. I DON;T Breed Crest to Crest.

I go to the shows I exhibit 20 or so Birds, and some of the Beginners Birds are out of this world compared to mine, now how do they do it? the must have help somewhere surely?

Maybe its time I invested in a new Blood line, I'm not one for spending £300 on a Budgerigar or more. I don't know what the answer is.... I should just continue Breeding  and searching for the ONE!

Budgerigar Breeder & Exhibitor.

I have been interested in breeding birds and small animals for a number of years and have been breeding Crested Budgerigars for 6 years. I am a Novice Breeder and Exhibitor and am a Member of the following Societies & Clubs.
The Budgerigar Society- Ring Number (s) R3984  & FSF1
London and Southern Counties Budgerigar Society - Ring Number - W2078LS
The Crested Budgerigar Club - MN - 1610
The Lutino & Albinio Club - MN - R005
The Variegated Budgerigar Club - MN -R 72
The Rare Variety & Colour Budgerigar Scoiety - MN - 620
For more information on any of the above Slubs & Societies, I will be adding a direct link in shortly, in the mean time if you drop me a call or Email - dean@fancyseedandfeed.com 07825870509 , i have contact details for them all..

2014 - The New Breeding Season.

I started Early this year, around late October 2013, My Budgerigars were in top condition and ready to go. by the end of December the 1st rings of 2014 were in full swing.

i had ordered  100 rings at the Budgerigar Society Club show a few months before, just to make sure that the rings arrived on time in case my birds decided to come on early as often they did..

By the end of January I had rung almost 40 young Chicks, at this time  I was only using 15 nest boxes / Breeding Cages. More to follow.......




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