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Johnson's Scaly Lotion 15ml


Johnson's Veterinary Scaly Lotion 15ml.

Cutaneous solution.

Kills mites which cause scaly face and scaly leg.

A safe gentle soothing lotion.

Safe to use on cage birds (budgies, canaries, finches, parakeets etc).

Johnson's Scaly Lotion comes in a handy dropper bottle ready to apply. Gentle soothing action and non-staining formulation.



Scaly Face and Scaly Leg are caused by a small mite (Cnemidocoptes pilae) which bores into the cere, beak and legs in birds. This causes tissue damage, unsightly scaly growths and if left untreated deformities to the feet and beak. This condition is very infectious and will spread between birds very quickly so early treatment is essential. Use with a good quality cage or aviary disinfectant to remove all mites from the housing.

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