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Fancy Seed & Feed Chick Crimbs with ACS 2kg


A Specially formulated starter crumb to be fed to day old chicks. Fortified with all the essential vitamins and trace minerals, getting your chicks off to a healthy start making Farmgate Chick Crumbs ACS the first choice for feed for the early part of the birds life.

Product Feeding Guidelines

For Replacement Laying birds - feed ad-lib from day old to approx 5/6 weeks of age. Hybrid laying strains will eat approx 1kg over this period. For Table poultry - feed from day old to 3 wks of age on an ad-lib basis.

Product Nutritional Information

Protein 18%

Product Follow On

For Replacement Laying birds follow on with Farmgate Rearer Pellet ACS up until approx 16 wks of age then introduce either Farmgate Layers Pellets / Mash or Farmgate Super Omega Mash at least a week before the first egg. For Table poultry follow on with Farmgate Rearer Pellets ACS through to 9/10 wks of age then move onto Farmgate Chicken Finisher ACS on an ad-lib basis. Feed Farmgate Chicken Finisher ACS from approx 10 wks until 7 days prior to slaughter. Farmgate Poultry Finisher Plain should then be fed as a withdrawal ration for at least 7 days prior to slaughter.

Product Additional Information

Fresh feed and clean water should be replenished on a daily basis. Feed should be kept in a cool, dry place. Utensils and hoppers should be kept clean.

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